Sonntag, 4. März 2018

Update - in English

A few news from the shop!

Those who have followed the album on Flickr have seen, it's been just recently that we really got back to work on the tractor.
The reasons were that first a few parts needed to be acquired from the US for the engines and because we took them apart one after the other, also the parts were bought "one after the other". That's how you quickly kill 3 months for what could have been done in a weeks time.
Then I had the pleasure of three surgeries related to kidney stones and just recently got a parathyroid removed. But that's all over and done now, so we're back at it!

Point A)
The "ass" is done and, as well as the chassis, the weight- and tank bracket can now be sand blasted and primed, as soon as frost is gone here.

point B)
The driveline is getting designed by Dirk Wessel at the Green Monster Team. There will be some parts of the very first 2.5t Green Monster used and since some machining is needed, it's better be done there in Füchtorf than here!

point C)
Shilding of the front engine's flywheel and coupler: Kai Uwe got really busy the last couple of days and designed and built a nice piece out of laser parts. So that's finally done, too!

point D)
Injection - buy cheap and you buy twice!
After a long discussion with Scheepers Motorsport they've convinced me to take a better controller. It's not that what we had planned would not have basically worked, but wasted spark on a turbo engine is not the smartest thing to do and if we ever want to go up with the horsepower, we need to get second set of injectors triggered and the Microsquirt can't do that. Additionally there is better data logging, individual cylinder trim, boost control, etc.
Those who wonder, it's going to be two AMPEFI MS3ProEvo systems.
The guys are going to do all the wiring and help with getting it all sorted. Electricity isn't my type of thing anyways.

point E)
Exhaust system & turbos. The exhausts are on their way from the US to Germany and will hopefully arrive here by the beginning of April. The turbos are currently at Freakshow Performance in Holstein to get checked and all the shielding will come from there, too.
The box from the US will also contain some new clutch disks and engine mounts. I didn't like what we came up with as stands on the chassis. Also some new rear end parts are in there for the next evolution (weight saving).

Then we got the tire topic.
The old ones were given to the Grautvornix Team of Günter Bals who wants to have them as spares. The old aluminum wheels are currently "surplus", as I didn't want to put new tires on old wheels.
Christian Keisers built us some nice steel wheels, which are also prepared and ready for the sand blaster and painter. But again... weather has put a stop on this.

So we're hoping for some better temperatures to get everything sand blasted and painted, so we can put the rolling chassis together this month, before I am off for two weeks pulling in Australia.
When I am back the US parts should be here and we can put the engines back into the chassis, work on the turbo system, do some sheet metal work, put the driveline in get the electric done. So by early summer we can then think about actually firing up the tractor!

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