Freitag, 20. März 2020


There is probably no need to explain you all the situation.
Anyhow - we are located "out in the country" and all safe (and mostly even working in our regular jobs) and with the main income for Wind Up!actually coming out of the agricultural/health sector, we are also not expecting financial issues in the future.

Joris, out in the backwoods of Canada is still getting the engines ready to ship.
But it doesn't look like we need them urgently.

So - work at the shop is on hold (less for us, but the older gentlemen on the Farm we have the workshop at) and we will see how shipping prices develop.
As soon as it makes sense, we'll be back on it.
But for now the world has other things to worry about than Tractor Pulls.

Donnerstag, 12. März 2020

Busy working

We're busy in the workshop.
The rear engine got set up with some better rods and pistons and the new spares are about ready to ship.

Check our FB page for the latest news and pictures!

Sonntag, 26. Januar 2020

Latest News

A short update on the state of things:
The front-engine was taken off the tractor again and disassembled. All the good parts are on the shelves and, along with new stuff, ready to go into the new motors, as soon as they will arrive.
The old block is going to be turned into a table by a local US-Car guy.
Our new rods finally left Summit racing this week and should be here next week.
Already here are new injectors and holders, so we can get more fuel into the engines.
As far as the new engines go, they are still in Canada and (hopefully) get crates built for the transport as I write this, so we can ship them within the next two weeks and have them here in March.
We will, however, ship some more stuff for friends down under with them, which hasn't arrived at Joris in Canada yet.
So let's hope, this is sorted soon.
Talking about down under: Team Red Devil has gotten us busy collecting three sets of tyres for them, so we have some hauling to do and then when the container has arrived here, send some "pulling aid" to Australia.

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2019

About to start over!

The first parts are ordered for the rebuild!

We'll then when stuff has arrived, of course, go on reporting news on this website.

Today rods and some little stuff were ordered, Joris is still sorting engines in Canada and the workshop is looking a lot better now, too - thanks to Kai Uwe and his unbreakable spirit of getting things done "properly".

The way it looks now, we're getting three complete engines and one has turned out to better leave its internals in Canada, but the block is still good and it will all be shipped in January, so we should have it here by the end of February.

Kai-Uwe and Johannes are working on a new steering system, Thorsten said he'll take care of that damn leaking Kippley transmission and I am already trying to increase the capacity of the fuel system a little.

I am posting little things on the FB page here and there until we're back at full go.

Now we'd really like to thank our sponsors!

That would be Alliance tyre, Eagle Clutches, Wollf's machine rental, Scheepers Motorsport, and Lil' Johns Motorsport!

And there are some other guys I would really like to thank:

That's for sure my team, Kai-Uwe, Malle, Thorsten, Johannes.
Also Thomas Tönnies, Andreas Rötter, Max Wehri, Vincent Meyer and for sure Joris Mecking, our "man on the other side of the pond". Also Murray Tucker - our man "down under".
Dirk Wessel and Enrico Vollertun of the Green Monster Team and the Green Monster Team in general.
Blake and Bowdy Otte and never to forget, Wayne Longnecker.
Marvin, Malte and Hermann Behrens along with Daniel Schneidereit and then last but not least Marc and Sabrina Westje!

Thank you and Danke Leute - ohne Euch alle ginge es überhaupt nicht!

I hope everybody is having a nice Christmas and a good 2020!

Sonntag, 1. September 2019

Sorry for no updates for a while!
After the carnage we have in the meanwhile acquired two new engines (and want more) and will rebuild for next season!