Montag, 1. April 2019

At Scheepers Motorsport

We've made it!!!!
Last Saturday we've hauled the tractor over to Scheepers Motorsport, where Peter Scheepers will do all the wiring and Peter and his buddy Knut (one super smart electronics engineer) will help us get the basic tunes in.
Them guys are coming out of the motorcycle dragster world and have also worked in the US on salt lake racers in the US.
They've also been responsible for that shocker run of Boomerang at Zwolle two years ago.
Always good fun with those guys!!!
These are Peter and me:

I am still not sure why many of my US friends found it funny that we hauled the tractor behind a 4WD car with a "small tire" trailer...
Those trailers have become very popular here because the small 10 inch wheels make for a low center of gravity and make hauling down the Autobahn a charm...
Sebastian Wolff helped out tremendously with letting us use his trailer and his personal Mitsubishi Pajero.
It's amazing how much grunt sits in a 3 l Diesel!

I have in the meanwhile purchased a "one fits all" vehicle. A Renault Mascott.
Which is actually a diesel dually truck with a van body mounted on top.
It will haul all our sh*t, tow the tractor, sleep 4 people and should get us about 15 mpg.

So - we have planned to do the first official pull at Volkmarst, which isn't too far away from home and one of the most fun Tractor Pulling events one can witness!

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