Dienstag, 19. September 2017

Getting things to move again!

Everything is back at the workshop at Markhausen.
But first things first: We cleaned up a bit and got some shelves for all the parts I had stored at home.
Now that the pulling season is over and I might have some free weekends again, time to finish the metal works!

What also shouldn't be forgotten is the fact we got some new tyres from ATG!

We're really eager to test them, but we also need new wheels for them.
So the old ones are for sale.
Also "new" are a set of calipers, which we got from the Roude Leiw team. They fit much better than the old ones (in one word: PERFECTLY), are quite a bit lighter and so the Micos will come off and are also for sale.
Tomorrow we'll take the tractor a bit more apart, take some measurements and see how far we can move on with welding etc.
More to come soon!

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