Dienstag, 7. März 2017


A little update on things:
We had to slow down a little.
I am heading towards my final exam of the evening course I did in logistics, Thomas built a "camper container" for his Scania and we needed some things machined and ran out of parts in the workshop.
The parts in the meanwhile have arrived, the Blue Fighter Sled team helped with machine work and I have started with soldering the harness for the engines together late at night.
I hope we can get some more construction work done now, so we get the driveline dimensions and more parts ordered.
The very good news is, we can do the engines at the Blue Fighter workshop, which is much better equipped than our "shed" and much closer to my home. But this won't happen before I have finished school as I want to be there in every free minute.
Bad news is, my tasks as VP of the German Association are starting to kick in again as the season is approaching and this means meetings for the next two weekends and "supevising" at the German Indoor pull at Riesa in beginning of April taking time away again.
After that and the final exam, also in the beginning of April, we'll have some more time and I hope we can make some serious progress then!

Maybe we have some more good news to tell by the middle of next week!

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