Dienstag, 19. Februar 2019

Busy busy busy

 t's getting warmer outside and we need to hurry!

Today we built the driveshaft. Commentary in German. A summary in English with more from this week will follow later!

Here are a few up to date pictures:


Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019

Workshop Mid February 2019

For our international friends - I did a little English summary!

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019

Youtube channel

We now have a youtube channel!
Of course you can see it all on FB, too where we now have a "site" along with a "group, but for those who resist FB... Youtube will have it, too!

Meanwhile the tractor has moved to the "intensive care" part in the workshop.

Check the videos (sorry... they are in German) for the latest news!

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2019

New motor mounts and hoses...

Of course - the transmission coupler got lost. Not by me, but of course, it's my problem.
After some investigation, I did find out what spline was used on the input shaft: Rockwell SQHD side gears. So for luck, the Hot Head guys still had an old diff and will get me that gear that we can then turn into a coupler.
I also got a new fuel pressure regulator as I need to get my fuel pressure way up there. I know you can drive a 5.5 A/F on methanol if you add enough water and it seems to run a lot better (at least on bearings) than pure methanol with 3.x A/F. But nevertheless - more fuel capacity never hurts. So with a base pressure of 90 psi we should get app 320 ccm from each injector... Given the 3 inch inlet limit on the engine, we should be getting close. The first ideas about a twin injector per cylinder set up are already in the making.
Kai has been so kind (or unhappy with the old motor mounts), he built some new ones. Stuff almost starts to look professional!
Weight brackets are also in the works!
Finn has done my turbo stuff and I should pick that up at the event in Zwolle.
In the meanwhile, I am busy doing all the air lines and fuel hoses.

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2019

Water injection and boost control

After checking Sloppy's youtube channel again after a (long) while I kinda liked what he did with his boost controller mounting. Got me to this idea:

No bracket to build! For luck Thorsten had two fittings the right size in his "various shit" box.

Those who know me and my way of tuning know that I SWEAR on water injection (by now). I still feel bad about telling Daniel of the Green Monster Team back then that "water doesn't burn and WDF it should do in a combustion chamber."
Took me a while to understand, that methanol without oxygen isn't burning either. Well.. actually it didn't cross my mind that using methanol as a cooling agent isn't the smartest idea either until we had bad bearings etc.
Now that I am limited on injector flow (you know ... money) I very much prefer water instead of methanol as internal cooling agent.

 So - I bought one of those Water / Methanol injection systems (cheaper than one high flow methanol injector).
To get an idea what I am dealing with, I did some rough flow tests today.
The pump puts out about 300 ml in 10 sec unrestricted. The good news is: It does pretty much the same with nozzles.
The bad news is - I wanted a little more. But this better than nothing and should be sufficient to start out with.
I also got the aluminum shielding tubes for the driveshaft today. Now I only need to find that old transmission shaft coupler again and we are golden!!!

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019

Just a few pics...

We are still waiting for our turbo (shielding) parts.
Meanwhile time to clean up some more and fight rust...

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2019

Moving on...

We are in the new shop.
After installing lights, set up some storage shelves and putting on the parts that were finished, we could take some more measurements and get new parts designed and laser cut.
Kai Uwe couldn't stand my "Ikea motor mounts" so he designed some new ones.
I keep struggling to find time as my phone is an always ringing nightmare. It's nice when people spending your total budget just on their winter work asking you for help - but damn - it just mounts the pressure to get your own stuff done.

We still have to get the turbo and engine shielding done, as well as the last finish for the cockpit.
The trip to the shop (wind) damaged the old fenders a little bit, so we gotta get to fix those, too.
Kai Uwe is also doing some new alternator mounts. The original LQ4 mounts didn't fit the fuel pump...

Oh well - at least things are happening again.