Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2019

Back Home

Wind Up! is back home in Eastern Friesland.
Last Sunday we (Johannes and me) took our "Mascot" (Renault van - or the "French mini bull") with the trailer of Wolffs Mietpark  down to Scheepers Motorsport to pick up the tractor. The big question was, will the van pull this heavy load?
Actually it's quite ridiculous to use a van to haul all our sh*t to events, but then.. actually not.

The Mascot came with a workbench and some cabinets and was used as a "rolling workshop" before.
Along with Christian Gerdes we put in a foldable twin bed which sits high enough to still get a foldable army bed below it. So we can theoretically sleep three guys in there. Actually, there is enough room to put another foldable bed in there - but we're only pulling in summer and there is this invention called "tent".
Anyhow.. we also put one of those 200 bucks Chinese diesel heaters in there and it works just fine. While we were at the Pull at Füchtorf we had a cozy 21 C / 70F during the night while outside it was down to 3°C/38 °F.

So - it sleeps three with heating, has a workbench, 12V and 230 V power supply on board, takes all the fuel containers, benches, pavilions, power tools, stove, fridge... perfect.
The question though remained: Does that 3l 130hp Nissan four-banger under the hood have enough power to get us where we want to go?
Pulling out of Peter Scheepers driveway and 2 mls down the road was the first test. Up the Rhine river bridge!

Well.. what can I say?
It's an angry little Gremlin!
Pulled through all 6 gears and accelerated up the steep ramp onto the bridge.
Also the little tunnel under the Ems river which is rather steep on it's way back up it just kept going in 6th gear.
Going down the motorway it also easily exceeds every speed limit  - we're all set!!!

Arriving back home on a Sunday evening half of the team and their girls were there, so unloading was easy and the tractor is now back in Thorsten's "emergency care" part of the workshop.
There are still some little things to be done before we can go pull at Volkmarst next month.
The major thing is the turbo shielding:
 Thanks to Freakshow Performance we had some already pre-cut and bend sheet metal and Thorsten is now busy building the shielding.
I am tinkering around with more electrical stuff and the fenders will need some more attention, too. But basically things are looking very promising for us to be out on the track next month!!!

Btw: I am keeping the Facebook site of the team quite up to date as well as the picture gallery.
I don't have much time to write a lot at the moment as we're actually working on the WindUp!
So .. like the Facebook page and check out our picture gallery!

Sonntag, 14. April 2019

At Scheepers Motorsport

Yesterday we went to Scheepers Motorsport to help a little bit with the EFI installation on Wind Up!.
They have done a tremendous job in the past couple of days and it we're getting closer to the first start up!

Scheepers Motorsport